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Buy roses in Kharkiv

Noble gestures require decent implementation! Did you decide to buy flowers to charm your darling or to prove the utmost respect for your boss? The ideal option in both cases will be roses! Kharkiv is distinguished by special traditions in the giving of flowers. On dates and small family holidays, it is customary to bring neat bouquets with a small number of buds (from 1 to 25), and for anniversaries and official celebrations - luxurious bouquets or baskets (from 25 to 101). Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule; you can buy and give 101 roses to a girl and just like that, without any reason. :)

In our flower shop delivery is free! It is enough to place an order, assign a specific time of receipt and become an owner of freshly cut and fragrant roses at exactly the specified time! Flowers are carefully packed and come into your hands in perfect condition - each petal looks fresh.

Roses online - flower delivery in Kharkiv

Did you need to buy roses in Kharkiv? The choice is huge! Florists can make wonderful bouquets of flowers grown in Ukraine or Holland. Depending on the purpose of the gift, you can buy buds of various shapes and shades.

  • Unopened buds

Unopened buds give young girls and newly minted mothers. Such roses in Kharkov are considered a symbol of a new life (a newborn or your relationship). It is preferable to give pale pink, white or yellow bouquets.

  • Opened rosebuds (Kharkov, buy)

The peak of the beauty of the queen of the flower world is the full opening of the buds. Bouquets with open petals are a sign of passion and deep feelings. Beloved woman is worth buying roses in Kharkov scarlet or dark red. For official celebrations suitable flowers richly burgundy shade - a symbol of respect and seriousness of the donor.

You are going to order flowers, but you are not sure how many buds should be in a bouquet? Follow the traditions!

  • Dating

At the first date, it is customary to give 1 or 3 roses, indicating your interest. Relationships are developing in the right direction? It is time to buy roses in Kharkiv in larger bouquets of 7, 9, 15 or 21 flowers. So you will express your passion and affection.

  • Celebrations

For solemn occasions, roses should be bought in Kharkiv in large bouquets (from 25 buds) or baskets. Such gestures are perceived as a manifestation of great admiration and respect.

It is quite problematic to buy large bouquets on your own - impressive weight and size make it difficult to maintain the freshness of the bouquet. Therefore, our delivery of roses (Kharkiv) is absolutely free - order beauty, not problems!