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Для поздравлений близких и родным, не существует расстояний - в этом смогла убедится, заказав подарки для мамы в Харьков. Работою довольна. Мама в восторге и от цветов и от корзины фруктов! Благодарю!

Уважаемая компания Roza.kharkov.ua! Хочу выразить Вам свою благодарность за заказ, доставленный для моей подруги юности в г. Изюм на Юбилей. Я даже не могла подумать, сколько радости это доставит получателю. Корзина роз волшебная! Подруга не могла нарадоваться. Говорит, что это самая шикарная корзина цветов, которую она получала в жизни! Премного Вам благодарна! Рекомендую Ваш магазин своим знакомым!!!

Спасибо что работаете в эти сложные времена. Поздравили маму с Днем рождения, сами в Польше и не смогли лично поздравить. Все буде Україна! Мирного неба!!!

Как здорово, что можно порадовать близких даже на расстоянии! Букетом довольны, цветы свежие, красиво оформлен и доставлен вовремя. Благодарю за работу!

Всем доволен!!! Спасибо! Сработали на 5+!

Спасибо! Букет супер! Девушка счастлива, сюрприз удался! Не смотря на то, что мы в разных городах, мой подарок стал самым лучшим :)

Looking for a flower shop in Kharkov with experienced florists, ideally beautiful flowers and good delivery conditions? Learn our range - make sure that you order flowers in Kharkov only with us!

Reasons to buy a bouquet with delivery:

  • Preservation of appearance - Kharkiv is a big city. If you buy a bouquet yourself, you can spoil its appearance even before delivery. Temperature changes, stuffy or too cold. Delivery of flowers in Kharkov is carried out by our couriers extremely carefully. On the road, no petal will fall off the bouquet chosen by you!
  • Saving resources - Working people do not have extra 2-3 hours to choose from, purchase and delivery of bouquets. Ordering flowers in Kharkov through the online store allows you to find the perfect option in minutes. In addition, the delivery of flowers in Kharkov is free of charge, which makes online purchase doubly more profitable!
  • Chic assortment - Not every Kharkov flower shop can boast of our assortment! Our customers have the opportunity to buy or order bouquets with delivery of freshly cut plants, which the florists decorated in a bouquet a few minutes before the courier's departure..

Good reasons to buy a chic bouquet:

  1. Romantic meetings
  2. Celebrating important dates in the relationship (month, half year, anniversary)
  3. Wedding and subsequent wedding anniversaries
  4. Birthdays of relatives, friends, co-workers
  5. Retirement of a respected employee
  6. Professional achievements (awarding, opening a business, obtaining a diploma of higher education, public speaking)

Order flowers in Kharkov for important events to make them as bright and memorable as possible. Delivery can be arranged around the clock, in any part of the city!

Send flowers to Kharkov - order a miracle!

You want to impress your beloved and defeat your ingenuity - the delivery of flowers in Kharkov directly to the place of meeting will surprise her. Forgot about the birthday of a valuable employee? It's easy to fix the situation! The Internet is on your side, because our delivery service of flowers is always in touch! It is enough to buy and order flowers for a specific time (bouquets and baskets can be supplemented with soft toys, sweets and greeting cards), and our couriers organize fast delivery of flowers in Kharkov. Flowers are presented - good relations are kept!